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Commercial Services

7 Reasons You Need A Commercial Locksmith


There are many reasons that you need a commercial locksmith but these seven are the most important for your safety, the security of your business, your health, and the necessity of complying with precautions as dictated by your insurance.


1) Thieves break in and steal


The chances that your business will experience a theft are as high as 66 percent depending on where you live. This is just a simple fact of business life and society. A commercial locksmith can supply you with the latest technology that helps prevent loss due to theft.


2) New locks


Employees come and go in your business. Sometimes when they go they do not bother to leave the keys to your business with you. You will inevitably have to have the entries to your business re-keyed periodically. A commercial locksmith can provide you with electronic options that prevent the need for re-keying.


3) Locked out


No person is perfect. You will most likely lock yourself out of your business by accident or lock yourself out of a company vehicle. You are not stupid. You are very busy and this just happens. A commercial locksmith is available 24 hours a day seven days a week to get you back into your business or vehicle.


4) Safes


Any business that handles cash, sensitive documents, or proprietary information needs a safe. Commercial locksmiths provide the newest technology in safes. Safes that are absolutely unbeatable are available. The only way a thief can get the safe is by tearing the safe out of the floor. The extra level of protection saves you money and can give you a competitive advantage..


5) Alarms


Commercial locksmiths also provide alarm systems. The systems can be coded so that you get an alarm on your phone wherever you are if someone attempts to break into your business. The same system notifies the police immediately helping prevent you from losing merchandise or suffering malicious physical damage to your business.


6) Technology


The state of security that commercial locksmiths can provide is extremely technologically advanced. You can have a security system that identifies a person by their face, identifies people by their voice, or even scans a person’s eyes or finger prints. The idea is that you tailor your security system to the needs of your business and the legal requirements involved in some industries.


7) Peace of Mind


The services that a commercial locksmith can tailor to your business give you peace of mind. That little extra stress of wondering if your facility, records, equipment, and merchandise are always safe can disappear. Stress is a top killer. Less stress means that you live longer and are healthier. This means you get to enjoy your business and family and continue to make money because you know that your business security is the best available.