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Automotive Services

Tips To Finding The Right Automotive Locksmith


It is always a good idea to find an automotive locksmith before you actually need one. The reality is that when you’re under the gun, you may not make the best decision possible. You may not have time to sort through the options wisely and pick the best. Here are some tips to consider so you’ll have a good automotive locksmith on hand when you need them:


First of all, find a local company. This may sound easier than it really is though. A lot of companies are not local. When you call their number in an emergency, you actually are reaching a call center. That call center then tries to match you up to the locksmith closest to your emergency. The disadvantage is that the locksmith you end up with may not know your geographic location and it may take them longer to arrive. They may increase your fee with a “travel fee” because of their unfamiliarity. Your best bet is to look for locksmiths that promote being “local.” That way you know that they are set up in your city or close enough to know your city.


Next, do your research when it comes to the local automotive locksmith you find. Call them during regular business hours and ask about their rates. You want to be sure to find out what fees they will charge for emergency service and if time plays a part in the fee structure. Some locksmiths add on fees for overnight assistance. Be sure these you are aware of all the fees involved before you accept work.


Find out what specific services the locksmith offers also. Some locksmiths are better at specific vehicles and you want to be sure that your vehicle falls into his or her specialty. Again, do the planning beforehand so when you actually need assistance, it will be ready for you.


Also, when your locksmith arrives be sure that he or she produces identification. Never allow a stranger to work on your vehicle, especially after-hours, without knowing they are the locksmith you requested. You should be presented with an ID and with a business card, or some company identifier. Most good locksmiths have work orders/paperwork that they fill out when on site. This should have clear letterhead with the company’s name and contact information.


Finally, take time to do your research for an automotive locksmith before you need one. If you have a lockout and a child is inside the vehicle, or the car is running, you may not be able to think clearly enough to make a good business decision. This is when you’re the most vulnerable and may be tempted to pick the first locksmith you reach. However, the first one may not be the best.

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